A Universal Document Viewer for OpenText

Companies today work with numerous different desktop and mobile applications, this results in a multitude of files. Designers use file formats such as .PSD, .CAD, .INDD, office works focus on .DOC, .PDF and .RTF files, and let's not even get into .FLV, .SWIFT, and .PPTX formats!

If all this sounds confusing to you, it’s because dealing with so many file formats is complicated business - however, it is necessary.

As companies grow, so do their teams and range of capabilities. Most organizations find themselves dealing with marketing departments, developers, finance professionals and more, each using specialized software to accomplish their goals. This would not be a problem if each of those file formats could be opened by any computer.

Unfortunately, most file formats require specialized, and often expensive, software to be installed on each machine that needs to view the file. This creates a problem for companies that need their departments to work together and view each other’s work.

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IA Universal Document Viewer for OpenText