Manufacturing Records Books: A Guide to Automation with SAP

Despite the move to digital, most companies within the oil and gas industry are expected to keep a paper-trail of hundreds, if not thousands, of documents for compliance or contractual purposes.

From product designs, materials specifications and/or inspection reports to company policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and/or work instructions, each company must be able to provide their documentation upon request by organizations such as auditors, customers, or regulators.

One such document is the Manufacturing Record Book (MRB). This white paper will explain what Manufacturing Records Books (MRBs) are, why they are needed, and how oil and gas companies, in particular, can effectively and efficiently create and manage MRBs.

Specifically, we will outline how Global Cents offers a complete digital MRB solution that is easy to use and collects all the documentation needed, automatically, for any MRB.

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Manufacturing Records Books: A Guide to Automation with SAP