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Apr 21, 2021 Global Cents

Global Cents products are now available in the OpenText Cloud

According to Forrester Research, the global public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35% to $120 billion in 2021 as the cloud continues to “take center stage” to recover from the pandemic. The advantages of cloud computing are leading to many more companies integrating cloud services into their processes. Over 90% of companies are already on the cloud, with 60% of the world’s total workload hosted on a cloud service.

The truth is in plain sight – if you want your business to thrive in today’s digital environment, cloud services are one of the best ways to accomplish better efficiencies and higher productivity critical to your success. Global Cents, recognized as one of the best-of-breed technology providers, has recently achieved OpenText Cloud certification, enabling two of their solutions to be used in the cloud. 

What does OpenText cloud certified mean?

Becoming cloud certified by OpenText is a significant achievement for any solutions provider. OpenText carefully evaluates each solution added to the certification program to ensure that they meet their internal quality standards. This means, solutions under  consideration must fulfill a complete set of requirements like:

  • Solutions must drive competitive advantage
  • Be secure and scalable
  • Realize a higher return on investment
  • Modernize and improve business processes

Each provider must further provide a level of excellence to the OpenText Cloud team and their customers. The OpenText Cloud team has approved Global Cents to offer their solutions and products on the OpenText Cloud.

OpenText Cloud users may now use Global Cents solutions on the cloud-based platform. These solutions are: 

GCI PowerTools for Deployments

GCI PowerTools for Deployments reduces costs, simplifies regulatory compliance, eliminates errors associated with controlled change management, such as moving Content Suite information and module settings between instances. It explicitly manages the way to transfer objects between different OpenText Content Suite environments. GCI PowerTools for Deployments provides a simple, point-and-click UI that does not require complex migration scripts to make this process easier. 

With the recent certification from OpenText, organizations can now access GCI PowerTools for Deployments in the cloud. Enabling the ability to migrate information between OpenText Content Suite environments remotely through the OpenText Cloud without any errors or complications.

To find out more on GCI PowerTools for Deployments and its complete set of features, see our product page.

GCI PowerTools for Workflow and GCI PowerTools for Reports & Views

GCI PowerTools for Workflow and GCI PowerTools for Reports & Views are essentially two products contained in one solution: both of these products are now available through the OpenText Cloud.

Workflow automation 

Using GCI PowerTools for Workflow you will increase Content Suite’s available workflow automation capabilities by 100%, simplify workflow processes, enhance productivity, and ensure compliance. Through simple workflow interfaces, there is a guaranteed increase in adoption by end-users. The elimination of redundant steps and automation of escalations will optimize execution times when you implement the solution. 

Workflow Automation from GCI is now available in the OpenText Cloud, enabling users to streamline their workflows directly from the OpenText Cloud platform with minimal setup and configuration.

Reporting automation   

The GCI PowerTools for Reports & Views allows you to improve user adoption and boost visibility. By creating custom user interfaces, reports, and dashboards for Content Suite, you will have complete control over automated business processes. The solution also provides access to multiple data sources within the Content Suite. With the ability to create scheduled reports to deliver automatically to your inbox, you will be able to seamlessly keep up-to-date with business processes with less time involved in generating and managing reports

As it has now been officially certified by the OpenText Cloud team, GCI PowerTools for Reports & Views is now available in the OpenText Cloud. This means organizations can create reports, customer user interfaces, and dashboards in the cloud while monitoring essential business processes for better visibility.

Discover more by visiting our product pages GCI PowerTools for Workflow and GCI PowerTools for Reports & Views.

Learn more about the Cloud Certification

Cloud adoption for business models has become non-negotiable for businesses striving for success and staying ahead of the curve. Through the use of OpenText Cloud-enabled GCI PowerTools, your automation implementation and processes will be seamless, convenient, and beneficial to the protocols you have in place. 

Contact Global Cents directly to find out how you can make the best of your automation needs, or read the full cloud certification press release for more information. 

Published by Global Cents April 21, 2021