GCI PowerTools Reports & Views

GCI PowerTools for Reports & Views improves user adoption and increases visibility, and control of automated business processes by creating User Interfaces, reports, and dashboards for Content Suite and provides access to multiple data sources within Content Suite Workflow.


About the product

  • Build reports, dashboards and forms from your existing data
  • Increased user adoption, limit training time and reduce costs by creating intuitive user interfaces using industry standards
  • Combine data from multiple disparate sources into a single report allowing clearer analysis of your information
  • Scheduled reports delivered directly to your mailbox, keeping you up-to-date with your business activity
  • Seamless integration with OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM Workflow
  • Enterprise friendly cost-effective pricing

Utilize your existing business data

Monitor project progression and inform business decisions using PowerTools for Reports & Views. Existing company data is brought together and a report is displayed, stored or sent directly to your mailbox. Reports are created using industry standard technologies, reducing implementation costs

Automate report generation and delivery

Schedule and automate your reports, running them daily, weekly, or at any custom time-frame. Delivery of automated reports through a channel that is convenient to your users is configurable; send them to an email list or store them within Content Suite.

Competitive and cost-effective pricing

The unlimited user license and cost-effective pricing makes PowerTools for Reports and Views the enterprise-friendly choice for generating intuitive user interfaces from dashboards to reports to web forms within Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms. It boosts productivity, enhances user-adoption, and increases the return on your OpenText investment.

Enhanced User Experience

From forms to reports, PowerTools for Reports and Views enables you to engage your Content Suite and Extended ECM users through enhanced user experience. It gives you the power to implement well-designed user interfaces to meet your business requirements.

Simple for users

Increase the effectiveness of your users with an intuitive, familiar experience. Provide management and staff with reports and dashboards that present all the information they need, quickly and effectively.

Output data in numerous formats

With PowerTools for Reports and Views, exported results can be displayed in spreadsheet format, raw XML, or any customized user-specified display view. Sort and filter your data, your way, to gain deeper insights and increase business value.


Create reports from multiple data sources

Upgrade your reporting capabilities from a single SQL query to many. PowerTools for Reports and Views enables you to enhance your LiveReports, breaking down complex individual queries into more straightforward, faster-performing statements. Then display the results through easy to understand tables or dashboards.

Integration with workflow

Using the Report step within Content Suite Workflow, reports are generated from workflow and other business data.. Multi-value attributes can be populated from a LiveReport, reducing the development time workflow complexity.

Friendly for developers

With PowerTools for Reports and Views, interfaces are developed using industry-standards such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They require no knowledge of other OpenText proprietary languages.

Introduction to GCI PowerTools for Reports and Views

Get further information

If you need to deliver powerful multi-source reports or simple-to-use, customized user interfaces, PowerTools for Reports and Views is the most user-friendly and cost-effective choice. For further details or a personalized demonstration contact Global Cents for a free consultation.

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