GCI PowerTools Suite

Designed to help organizations better manage their information and content lifecycles, GCI PowerTools provide organizations critical extensions to the OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms.


Unleash the full potential of Content Suite Workflow with this comprehensive set of extensions. GCI PowerTools for Workflow allows your map designers to create fully customized forms on a step by step basis and better manipulate and manage data within the Content Suite workflow.

GCI PowerTools for Deployments provides the most complete solution for moving content including users & groups, documents, folder taxonomies, workflow maps, categories & attributes, and more, among your Content Suite instances. The proven choice for organizations around the world.

Give your users the power to create their own document processes within Content Suite with a set of simple, yet powerful, configuration tools. GCI PowerTools for Documents provides metadata integration, merging of documents, conversion to PDF or Word, watermarking and digital signatures.

Develop and present detailed management dashboards and business reports from diverse data sources and meta-information stored within your Content Suite repository, with no need to to learn a proprietary language.

Do your users need to view, redact and annotate Office or CAD formatted documents directly from within your OpenText Content Suite’s web interface? GCI PowerTools Viewer helps leading organizations provide simple and effective document viewing and mark-up solutions to their end-users.

Align your existing OpenText Electronic Signatures implementation more closely to your existing business processes with extensions such as multi-document signing, enhanced watermarking, and custom signing pages.

Eliminate legal liabilities and improve the performance of your Content Suite by properly archiving complex content such as completed workflows and audit information.

GCI PowerTools for Access Control enables Administrators to remain compliant with OpenText Content Suite read-only licenses, controlling the level of access for users and groups.

Extract and pre-process defined collections of documents and metadata from Content Suite for distribution to clients, regulators, and other stakeholders.

GCI PowerTools Dashboard provides the only way to set up dashboards in Content Suite that convey the most relevant data for your daily operations all in one place, at a click of a button directly from the platform menu.


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