GCI PowerTools for Workflow

GCI PowerTools for Workflow increases the automation of complex, document-centric workflow processes resulting in reduced costs and improved compliance, and auditability by providing hundreds of features to Content Suite workflows, transforming it to a 'no code', future proof business process management engine.

About the product

  • Reduce time taken to create workflows by using only configuration, no coding
  • Simplify workflow interfaces and increase adoption among end-users
  • Optimize workflow execution times by eliminating redundant steps and automatic escalations
  • Ensure compliance by automating key activities within your Content Suite repository

No code, not low-code

GCI PowerTools for Workflows is the most powerful way to automate complex business processes within OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms without the need to develop custom code.

Just drag and configure

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, business users can embed powerful new workflow steps into the standard Content Suite workflow canvas. Settings for each action can be easily defined and configured using the built-in web interface. It's that easy!

Replicate complex business processes

With PowerTools for Workflows you no longer need to redefine your business processes to work with the technology. PowerTools for Workflows' event action system, user assignments, notifications, automation rules, and routing options ensure that your processes can now be replicated directly within Content Suite.

Improve the workflow experience

By allowing users to initiate workflows directly from any item within Content Suite, PowerTools for Workflow streamlines the process of starting workflows with attached files.

It also addresses other common OpenText usability challenges. By enabling the interface of individual steps to be tailored and show only key information and actions, PowerTools for Workflow simplifies user training and reduces user input errors.


Optimize workflow execution times

PowerTools for Workflow reduces the time taken to execute individual workflows. Its ability to auto-complete or bypass steps if a majority decision has already been reached removes the need to wait for unnecessary decisions. In addition, if steps pass deadlines or meet defined criteria they can be automatically escalated to overseeing users.

Ensure integrity and organizational compliance

By automatically performing actions PowerTools for Workflow ensures compliance within your business processes. It can modify attributes and permissions data, rename files, create and update Content Suite user accounts, and move content into secure archives, all within audited processes.

Event triggers also allow actions to be performed based on changes within your Content Suite environment or the passing of time.

Reduce development and support overheads

With no custom coding, PowerTools for Workflow reduces your development and support overheads. By eliminating the need to directly address Content Suite functions, it ensures that any workflow which works in one version of Content Suite can be upgraded readily to a newer version

With PowerTools for Workflow you can now design business processes and build automated applications in a cost-effective manner - leveraging your existing Content Suite investment.


Get further information

If you need to automate and publish complex business processes within Content Suite or Extended ECM, then PowerTools for Workflow is the fastest and most cost effective way to create them with no custom coding. For further details or a personalized demonstration contact Global Cents.

Introduction to PowerTools for Workflow

Want to know more about PowerTools for Workflow? Then watch the quick introduction video.

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