GCI PowerTools Dashboard

GCI PowerTools Dashboard enables OpenText Content Suite users to stay focused, stay on topic, and dramatically increase productivity. It provides the only way to set up dashboards in Content Suite that convey the most relevant data for your daily operations all in one place, at a click of a button directly from the platform menu.


About the product

  • Setup dashboards in Content Suite to find all you need
  • Access solutions in both Classic/Smart View Interfaces
  • Access any object in Content Suite with a simple menu
  • Access Document Processes in a few clicks
  • Access reports tailored to your needs

Rapidly set up Dashboards for all your business needs

The GCI Dashboard conveys the most relevant information about your daily tasks in one easy-to-understand place. It provides your users with the only way to assemble your data quickly and effectively. For example, you can group HR, Sales functions or access all relevant and linked project-related documents directly from your Content Suite menu. It offers a smart process application experience, an elegant front-end to your existing operations, which allows you to reduce the number of clicks dramatically.

Become more action-oriented and responsive to your data

By providing quick, convenient access to objects and containers within Content Suite, Users can quickly access key actions on objects, such as running reports or initiating a workflow.

Find everything you need right in your Content Suite menu

PowerTools Dashboards are directly available in Content Suite’s main menu. A left bar menu ensures your information is in context and content is seamlessly available to those who need it when they need it.


Deliver quality deliverables in less time

The dashboard eases document approvals by providing your users with the ability to tailor intuitive, process-based views for their needs.

Create a more connected and cohesive work environment

Providing your users with information in context fosters collaboration and creates a more connected and cohesive work environment. What’s more, it accelerates the process of employee onboarding by giving them the power to learn by doing and proficiently contribute to your business goals.

For more information

If you need convenient access to objects and containers within Content Suite, then GCI PowerTools Dashboard enables you to access critical actions and views effortlessly.

For further details or a personalized demonstration, contact Global Cents.

GCI PowerTools Dashboard

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