Control your critical documents safely and effectively

Automate the creation, revision, and approval of essential content on OpenText Extended ECM platform


Create documents automatically

Staff time

Easy review and approval process


Monitor document

Document control remains the single most critical requirement for information workers

Managing the lifecycle of essential documents can be slow, cumbersome, and expensive

  • Remove complexity by adopting preconfigured workflows
  • Stay in control with in-depth reporting
  • Minimize the risk of being out of compliance by modernizing your processes
  • Avoid manual effort by automating document creation
  • Reduce the time for approvals will speed project completion
  • Eliminate human errors by utilizing predefined templates

Global Cents provides the products and expertise to automate the creation, revision, and approval of critical documents, faster and with superior quality

Create quality documents

Create and revise policies, standard operating procedures, working instructions, and other quality documentation quickly and effectively.

Designed for Manufacturing

Review and approve design documents, requirements, specifications, and manuals using automated processes.

Contract management

Generate contracts, agreements, requests for proposals, tailored quotes, invoices, and submissions utilizing standard language and templates.



We understand that managing critical documents is complex, which is why, since 2005, our team of experts have been solving our customers’ controlled document lifecycle challenges.

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Building workflows without GCI PowerTools would be like going back to the dark ages.

L.G. - Biotech company

It's time to control your document processes...

Book a call

An initial 30-minute call. We will review your document processes and discuss your opportunities for automation.

Improve your document lifecycle

Get a personalized demonstration showing how to create, revise, approve, and retire your critical documents quickly and cost-effectively.

Generate value

Your staff spend less time managing critical documents and more time generating value for your business.

Control your critical documents, remove manual steps and accelerate cycle times

Managing professional documents in a controlled manner may require significant manual effort, causing concern about human errors and the risk of non-compliance. Global Cents provides highly automated solutions for controlling critical document creation, revision, and approval processes; saving time and costs.

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Controlled Document Lifecycle Solution


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