Produce professional documents on OpenText Content Server faster   

The complete document publishing solution for Content Server and xECM platforms

Create documents as part of a controlled and structured process 

Assemble documents based on components (e.g., metadata, sentences, paragraphs)

Electronically or digitally sign approved documents 

Automate the creation of high-quality documents, agreements, & manuals

Reduce the time and manual effort required and lower the number of errors

  • Automate the use of content components
  • Use templates to ensure the use of approved and valid information
  • Control your document creation process
  • Sign published documents
  • Combine multiple documents (of various types) into a single file
  • Include dynamic content like metadata within your documents
  • Make your document automation process auditable
  • Limit print jobs to specific printers

GCI PowerTools for Documents streamlines the automation of document assembling, transformation and publication; adding styling, formatting, structure, signing, and converting to standard file formats.

Convert over 300 file formats to PDF

With over 300 different supported document types we can transform documents into PDF directly within Content Server. 

Build documents within controlled processes

Pull a collection of documents together, add watermarks, convert them and publish the result back into Content Server.

Dynamically insert elements into documentation

Dynamically insert tables of content, metadata, and even complete paragraphs directly from within an automated Content Server process.

Graphically or digitally sign documents

Use industry-standard verification tools such as DocuSign, CoreSign, emSigner, and YubiKey to sign your documents directly from Content Server.

Publish volumes of complex documentation

Collate files and publish them into complex business documents such as Contracts, Manufacturing Record Books, or Standard Operating Procedures.

Track and control print jobs to specific printers

Monitor and control print jobs sent from Content Server. Lock-down print functionality, define accessible printers, and the number of printed copies.



We understand that automating document processes is complex. Since 2005, our team of experts has been simplifying document production for organizations large and small.

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a call

We will review your Content Server / xECM document processes and give you quick recommendations to improve them.

your ideal solution 

We will provide you with a personalized demonstration illustrating how you can produce business documents with less effort.

Streamline your document production 

With a simple way to produce professional business documents, your staff spends more time on higher-value tasks. 

Simplify your document production

With GCI PowerTools for Documents, you can Produce professional documents faster on OpenText Content Server. Equipped with the right tools, crafting compound business documents becomes streamlined and time-efficient. Book a call with us and discover how we can provide you with a straightforward solution for generating professional business documents, empowering your staff to dedicate more time to high-value tasks.

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