Blazon is moving to Sustained Maintenance & it’s NOT Supported on Content Server v24. Brava isn’t far behind. OpenText is pushing customers to a new product. There’s a better way & for a limited time, No License Fees! 

About GCI PowerTools for Document Conversion


About the product

  • Convert over 300 different file types into PDFs
  • Integrated OpenText Content Server / xECM platform for document conversion
  • Alternative to both Adlib PDF for Content Suite and OpenText Blazon
  • Automatic batch PDF Rendering by monitoring a folder or have a step in a workflow
  • Create new documents by merging multiple files of different formats

Enterprise PDF Converter

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Document Conversions

PDF Features

Compliance Types: PDF1.x, PDF/A, PDF/UA, and more
File Compression
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Encrypt / Password protect documents

Digital document transformation within Content Server / xECM

Transform documents into PDF from Content Server folders and workflows. No need to export, convert and re-add.

Faster document conversion

Automate drop-folders for mass document conversions or convert documents one at a time. Whichever you choose, the documents will be converted in seconds.


Simple to deploy, easy to configure

PowerTools for Document Conversion is easy to install, quick to configure, and simple to maintain. It is highly scalable to meet high-volume rendering needs.

All the power without the costs

Our cost effective licensing model ensures that the total cost of ownership for PowerTools for Document Conversion is lower than competing solutions such as Adlib or Blazon.

A part of the GCI document publishing suite

GCI PowerTools for Documents is the only complete document publishing solution for OpenText Content Server and Extended ECM (xECM) platforms. If you need to convert, merge, assemble, publish, and control printing of complex business documents then PowerTools for Documents unifies your processes, reduces effort, and eliminates significant costs. For further details read more about PowerTools for Documents or contact Global Cents for a personalized demonstration.