Create professional business documents simply and cost-effectively

An easy-to-use SharePoint and OpenText Extended ECM app that automates document production


Automate manual document processes


Reduce errors, time, and effort


Focus on
high-value tasks

Producing documents requires significant manual effort

making you feel frustrated with the amount of time required and the high number of errors

  • Use auto-formatting to improve the professionalism of business documents
  • Ease staff shortage by increasing automation
  • Reduce document production times using pre-approved sections
  • Optimizing processes reduces the cost of document production
  • Avoid missed deadlines with improved document review and approval activities
  • Utilize document templates to eliminate manual errors

Global Cents provides simple automation products that produce professional documents faster

Create complex multi-part agreements, proposals, presentations, policies, standard operating procedures, or quality documentation simply and cost-effectively.





We understand that traditionally, automating document processes is complex. Since 2005, our team of experts has been simplifying document production for organizations large and small.

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Global Cents stuck to our original budget ... GCI saved us time, effort, and money

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It’s time to automate your document production…

Book a call

An initial 30-minute call. We will review your document processes and discuss your opportunities for automation.

Improve your document processes

We will provide you with a personalized demonstration illustrating how you can deliver business documents with less effort.

Exceed expectations

With a simple way to produce professional business documents, your staff spend more time on high-value tasks and exceed expectations.

When it comes to your organization's documents,
don't let delays and errors be the norm

Global Cents has developed an easy-to-use application that plugs into SharePoint or OpenText Extended ECM, allowing a simple way to automate the production of your business documents so that you can eliminate delays and errors, and instead use automation to produce high-quality documents, faster.

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