GCI PowerTools for Deployments

GCI PowerTools for Deployments reduces the costs, simplifies regulatory compliance, and reduces errors associated with moving Content Suite information and module settings from one environment to another during consolidations/mergers, divestitures, and controlled change management.


About the product

  • Transfer objects between your OpenText Content Suite environments
  • Move items from one version of Content Suite to another
  • Simple, web-based UI with no need for complex migration scripts
  • Transfers all Content Suite object types
  • Maintain referential integrity between environments
  • The most comprehensive Content Suite and Extended ECM migration tool

Powerful, simple, object export and import

PowerTools for Deployments is the most comprehensive migration tool available for the OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms. It enables organizations to quickly, accurately and automatically copy any Content Suite object directly between environments.

Most comprehensive migration tool

With its ability to handle even custom object types*, PowerTools for Deployments is able to migrate more types of Content Suite objects than any other tool.

* - additional configuration may be required for certain custom objects

Enabling agile deployment

A simple web interface enables developers and power-users to deliver agile developments. PowerTools for Deployments quickly and accurately copies integrated applications that include WebReports, Forms, Workflows or any other object from development environments directly to testing and production platforms.

Faster deployments, less effort

Using PowerTools for Deployments, the majority of data transfer processes can be completed in a matter of minutes. Selecting items to be transferred is trivial and documenting the entire migration is as simple as taking a few screenshots.


Maintain referential integrity

Using intelligent re-linking, PowerTools for Deployments ensures that the referential integrity of migrated objects is maintained; links continue to work and objects retain their connections.

This makes it possible for migrated applications to run on the target system without the need for developer intervention.

Keeping things in order

PowerTools for Deployments ensures that objects are imported in the correct order. By enabling you to identify dependent objects, it takes care of setting up required users, categories and records management information, before importing your content.

For regulated environments, PowerTools for Deployments also provides an option to maintain object audit trailsand permissions between Content Suite instances.

Transport between versions

With its ability to copy entire hierarchies or just small selections of content, PowerTools for Deployments enables Content Suite system administrators to migrate objects from one version of Content Suite to another, without needing to worry about configurations or customizations.

Product not service

Unlike similar offerings, PowerTools for Deployments is an out-of-the-box product and not a consulting service. This helps you to stay in control of your budget and reduces the effort involved for your migrations.


Get further information

GCI PowerTools for Deployments takes the pain out of Content Suite and Extended ECM change management projects. If you need a comprehensive migration tool, that's fast to deploy and easy-to-use then PowerTools for Deployments is the answer to your migration woes. For further details or a personalized demonstration contact Global Cents.

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