Transport changes and information in less time and with fewer errors

We facilitate and automate ways to deploy, migrate, and import OpenText Extended ECM information

File transfer

Modernize the transfer of critical information

Staff time

Accelerate application deployment 

Human error

Eliminate human

Transferring information between platforms is complex

Manually copying information between instances is a time-consuming and error-prone process. You shouldn't have to waste time performing tasks that can be readily automated.

  • Avoid frustrating delays and human error by automating deployments
  • Delays in copying changes between environments should be a thing of the past
  • Automate menial tasks to make staff more productive
  • Migrating between systems is no longer a difficult task
  • Problematic file system imports become smooth migration processes
  • Reduce TCO of multiple environments by expediting consolidation projects

Global Cents provides the tools and expertise to facilitate and automate the transport of critical information quickly and cost-effectively

Copy development changes

Copy application changes or updates from development to test to production.

Consolidate environments

Consolidate multiple Extended ECM environments into a single instance.

Import data into Extended ECM

Bulk import folders and documents from file systems into Extended ECM.



We facilitate and automate the transfer of OpenText Extended ECM information error-free, without custom coding.
Since 2005, our experts have been migrating data between environments, and lowering the cost and risk involved in our customers’ enterprise content migrations.

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GCI PowerTools for Deployments makes migrating millions of documents efficient, simple, and ultimately possible.

Large, publicly-traded energy

Transfer your information faster without errors!

Book a call

Schedule an initial 30-minute call. We will review your migration challenges and discuss your opportunities for automation.

Migrate quickly and easily

We will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to transfer data between environments quickly and with fewer errors.

Generate value

Your staff spends less time performing manual tasks and more time generating value for your business.

Stop wasting time transferring information by hand

Copying changes, consolidating environments, and importing information into Extended ECM is time-consuming and complex. Global Cents provides a solution to facilitate and automate the transfer of Extended ECM information without the need for custom coding.

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Too often, companies set out with the mission to “go agile” before understanding what agility truly means


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