About GCI PowerTools for Documents - Signer


About the product

  • Digitally or graphically sign documents
  • Design and add custom signature pages
  • Leverage your digital certificate infrastructure (e.g DocuSign, YubiKey, etc.)
  • Integrated component of OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms

Digital and graphical signatures

Digitally or graphically sign documents directly from within your OpenText Content Suite or Extended ECM environment.

One click signing from within Content Suite

Click on the document you want to sign and just select the Build Document option from the function menu.

Create custom signature pages

Custom signing pages can be created which contain multiple signature blocks and other signing information such as name, date and department.

Integrated with leading signing solutions

PowerTools for Documents - Signer works with leading signing solutions. These include DocuSign, Yubico, GlobalSign, CAC, and more.


Signing for regulated industries

Signer is designed with the needs of regulated industries at the forefront. It is used to sign files within life science, energy and financial services organizations and is deployed in certified environments.

A component of the GCI document publishing suite

GCI PowerTools for Documents is the only complete document publishing solution for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms. If you need to convert, merge, assemble, publish and control printing of complex business documents then PowerTools for Documents unifies your processes, reduces effort and eliminates significant costs. For further details read more about PowerTools for Documents or contact Global Cents for a personalized demonstration.