About GCI PowerTools for Documents - Controlled Printing


About the product

  • Lock-down access to print functionality
  • Control which users can print where
  • Number individual document copies
  • Tag and track printed documentation
  • Integrated within OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM Platforms

Controlled printing for OpenText Content Suite

Control and monitor print jobs being sent around your office from your OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms.

Facilitate compliance with ISO 9001:2008

Supports document control procedures relating to standards such as ISO 9001 and other quality management (QMS) processes.

Lock-down print functionality

Centrally control and manage which users are able to print content from your repository and which are only able to view information.

Control what is printed where

PowerTools for Documents - Controlled Printing ensures that users with appropriate permissions can print selected content to specific printers within your network.


Watermark and number print copies

PowerTools for Documents - Controlled Printing enables you to embed watermarks and print sequence numbers directly into each page of a print job or batch.

Tag and track printed copies

Tag print jobs with user information and document metadata, such as categories and attributes, to enable tracking of ownership of printed copies.

A component of the GCI document publishing suite

GCI PowerTools for Documents is the only complete document publishing solution for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms. If you need to convert, merge, assemble, publish and control printing of complex business documents then PowerTools for Documents unifies your processes, reduces effort and eliminates significant costs. For further details read more about PowerTools for Documents or contact Global Cents for a personalized demonstration.