About GCI PowerTools for Documents - Assembler


About the product

  • Convert documents from one format to another
  • Pull together fragments into a single document
  • Includes OCR for full-text searching
  • Insert headers, footers, watermarks and tables of content
  • Update and sync document attributes with Content Suite

Structured production workflows

PowerTools for Documents - Assembler provides structured document production workflows that define how a document is collated, compiled, converted and published.

Convert files from one format to another

With over 200 different supported file types assembly processes can convert popular business documents formats into a single format output file.

Full-text OCR and search indexing

Scanned and captured documents can be readily converted into PDF and their textual content OCR'd and included within the Content Suite search index.

Concatenate document fragments

Individual paragraphs, clauses and other standard document fragments can be dynamically pulled together to form complex personalized documentation.


Insert headers, footers, contents and watermarks

Automatically create and include common document elements such as linked tables of contents, headers, footers and dynamic watermarks.

Sync document metadata and attributes

Using PTfD-Assembler, your MSOffice metadata like Author can be synchronized with the related Content Suite metadata, thus improving your document authenticity.

A component of the GCI document publishing suite

GCI PowerTools for Documents is the only complete document publishing solution for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms. If you need to convert, merge, assemble, publish and control printing of complex business documents then PowerTools for Documents unifies your processes, reduces effort and eliminates significant costs. For further details read more about PowerTools for Documents or contact Global Cents for a personalized demonstration.