About GCI PowerTools for Documents - Publisher


About the product

  • Generate complex business documents.
  • Collate and structure documents.
  • Insert headers, footers, separator pages, Tables of Content and more.
  • Integrated document conversion.
  • Create Manufacturing Record Books and DD250s.
  • Perform Report-level Publishing, Contract Assembly, SOP Assembly, etc.

The publishing tool for demanding documents

PowerTools for Documents - Publisher is designed to handle some of industry's most complex and demanding documentation.

Create and publish large business documents

Create Manufacturing Records Books (MRB), MIRRs and DD250s. Assemble contracts, implement Report-Level Publishing (RLP), and assemble Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Collate and structure publications

Create publications spanning multiple volumes. Automatically generate separator pages (e.g. opening/closing pages), tables of contents, internal bookmark links and footers.

Convert documents during publication

Create PDF documents from within your Content Suite folders and workflows during publication. No need to export, convert and re-add.


Publishing multi-volume documents

Large documents require special consideration as files larger than 2GB pose challenges for file systems.

Document publishing for OpenText customers

PowerTools for Documents - Publisher is the only integrated document publishing solution for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms.

A component of the GCI document publishing suite

GCI PowerTools for Documents is the only complete document publishing solution for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms. If you need to convert, merge, assemble, publish and control printing of complex business documents then PowerTools for Documents unifies your processes, reduces effort and eliminates significant costs. For further details read more about PowerTools for Documents or contact Global Cents for a personalized demonstration.