GCI PowerTools for Content Export

GCI PowerTools for Content Export reduces the time, cost, and errors associated with extracting Content Suite assets (documents, metadata, and folder hierarchies) and making the content available for reuse in other platforms, e.g., SharePoint.


About the product

  • Easily export all Content Suite documents and metadata into XML format
  • Readily share your documents, metadata, and taxonomy with external parties
  • Export structures ready for your SharePoint migration project
  • Transfers all Content Suite object types
  • Generate criteria-based document and folder exports on a scheduled basis
  • Designed from the ground up for regulated industries

Export content and metadata, easily

PowerTools for Content Export simply and securely packages and exports content and metadata from your OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms. Your documents and metadata can then be imported into other third-party systems, including SharePoint.

Comprehensive, yet simple to use

Easily select which documents, versions, folders, compound documents, and other Content Suite containers to export. With PowerTools for Content Export, you have complete control over what and when it’s extracted.

Export to XML, transform to anything

PowerTools for Content Export exports information in standard XML format. Metadata can be templated to meet the specific requirements of regulatory agencies or to enable easy transfer to other systems.

Share with anyone

Exports can easily be transformed into other formats, making it easy to distribute documents to external or other 3rd-party users who can view with a browser or to migrate to SharePoint or another system.


Schedule and automate exports

PowerTools for Content Export’s advanced scheduling interface enables automated exports to be configured and performed in the background. Export jobs can be readily defined and executed at a predetermined time or automatically on a periodic basis.

Simple, visual configuration - no complex batch files

Unlike similar export tools, PowerTools for Content Export’s user interface is designed for end-users. It requires no complex scripting - simply select folders and files for export, define data transformation settings and export to a specific location.

Created for regulated industries

PowerTools Content Export is the only export tool designed specifically around the needs of regulated industries. Every feature, application and tool is designed with documented compliance in mind.

Ready for transmittals

Whether used as part of a regulatory publishing process, for document transmittals, or just for storing archives of your Content Suite data, PowerTools for Content Export ensures that extracted data is immediately meaningful and ready for use without further processing.


Introduction to GCI PowerTools for Content Export

Get further information

If you need a simple, safe and secure method of extracting content from OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM Platforms then PowerTools for Content Export is your answer to thrive in a highly regulated environment. For further details or a personalized demonstration contact Global Cents.

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