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Apr 05, 2024 Global Cents

Make your OpenText Content Server workflow 8x faster or more!

Workflows performance is a major problem for many Content Server/xECM customers.  A leading cause of these performance problems is OpenText Distributed Agents.   

 Distributed Agents are used to complete many background tasks including the processing of workflow steps.   

Included with GCI PowerTools for Workflow is a specialized agents system designed to optimize workflow performance.  In the simple example shown in our video, the performance went from 142 seconds down to 16 seconds:   

  • The workflow completed 8x faster 
  • No changes were made to the workflow  
  • All improvements came from PowerTools Agents.    

This video demonstrates the two methods the current Workflow Agent used to process workflow steps and shows how PowerTools Agents achieves the same tasks in a faster and more controlled way.  


PowerTools Agents delivers a powerful and highly configurable method for processing background Workflow steps in Content Server/xECM. The default Workflow Agent either utilizes Distributed Agents to process workflow steps along with their other tasks or processes all workflow agents on a single thread. 

PowerTools Agents handles workflow steps faster and in a more configurable way. It is designed to have one or more agents across one or more servers, processing specific workflow step types. Individual agents can be configured to only process specific workflow maps, speeding up the processing of those maps and freeing up the other agents to process other workflows. An adjustable batch size ensures the workload is spread across the configured agents, making sure workflows are processed in the most efficient manner. 

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If you need to automate and publish complex business processes within Content Suite or Extended ECM, then PowerTools for Workflow is the fastest and most cost effective way to create them with no custom coding. For further details or a personalized demonstration contact Global Cents.

Published by Global Cents April 5, 2024