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Nov 02, 2020 Global Cents

OT SolEx Expo – Here’s what happened

September 17th, 2020. The first-ever independent online conference for OpenText users organized by members of the OpenText Solution Extension program (SolEx) is over.

The SolEx Expo showcased the latest and best OpenText solutions on the market and, more importantly, how your business can use them to solve costly business challenges.

Tom Lilly, CEO at Global Cents: “Attending the two-day expo was an excellent opportunity to network with some of the leading innovators in the SolEx program and learn how to optimize your business processes further”.

Watch the breakout sessions on-demand:

Global Cents presented six separate breakout sessions covering Document Automation, Controlled Document Lifecycle, and Controlled Change Management.

Document Automation

Document automation helps organizations reduce the time and effort required to create complex business documents. Document automation solutions can help you save thousands of dollars by making your processes more efficient and effective.

Global Cents described how this single tool can change the way you do business by automating repetitive tasks. Formatting, structure, and style, as well as the review, conversion, and publishing process, is streamlined and optimized to help you get to market faster than the competition.

Controlled Document Lifecycle

Dealing with data has inherent risks for heavily regulated organizations in industries like life sciences, engineering, and energy. The ability to effectively and efficiently deal with regulatory compliance and reduce operational costs is paramount to their success.

Controlled document lifecycles are the key to improving the abilities of any organization that wants to remain compliant and reduce their operational costs. Our team of experts presented the best ways to deliver workflows, reporting, permissions, document assembly, rendering, metadata and other essential configurations needed for Content Suite. By redesigning and automating manual processes, you too can speed up the delivery of your products and services.

Controlled Change Management

The foremost challenges of migrating Content Suite metadata and assets are the cost, time, and potential for errors.

In this session, our team of experts showcased how to simplify the process of moving Content Suite information and settings for different environments and versions. The session is ideal for businesses that are undergoing consolidations, mergers, divestitures, or use Agile Development techniques.

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Published by Global Cents November 2, 2020