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Jan 14, 2019 Global Cents

Seeking a Few Good xECM for Engineering Sites for Beta Testing

We’re looking for a small number of beta sites to extend testing of our latest release of PowerTools for Deployments. v16 of PowerTools for Deployments now transports Content Suite configurations too, making it possible to quickly transport xECM applications, including configuration, from a source environment to a target environment. As a beta site, we’d put you in contact with our development team to address issues that you might uncover and we’d be in a position to implement enhancements that you might request.

If you’re a user of xECM for Engineering with multiple environments (e.g. Dev, Test, Production), you’ve no doubt experienced the work involved in making each environment similar to each other – going through the details of updating each environment’s Content Suite platform configuration by hand, adjusting each trying to get them to behave the same way. Like you, we’ve wanted a better way, a means by which we could quickly setup another xECM environment. After multiple man-years of work, we’ve solved the challenge.

We plan to open the beta program to xECM for SAP and xECM for Salesforce in the coming months. We’ll post an update when those are available.

Please contact us and we’ll get the process started.

Published by Global Cents January 14, 2019