Content Server Consulting & Services

Are your users trying to achieve the impossible within your Content Suite instance? Do you need to modify or extend a controlled Content Suite instance? Do you need help aligning your OpenText technology with you regulatory practices? If so, you need support from the Global Cents Content Suite consulting and services team.


As a premier provider of OpenText products and solutions, Global Cents provides specialized consulting and development services designed to help regulated organizations realize the full potential of their OpenText Content Suite investment. Using Content Suite within a controlled environment can be challenging at the best of times. But when the technology doesn't do what you need and your business teams are looking for answers, who do you turn to?


The original developers of Content Suite

The answer of course is Global Cents. With over a decade of experience working with regulated businesses our team understand your Content Suite challenges and know how to solve them. As our developers created much of the original Content Suite platform, our technical experts are proficient in OScript, WebLingo, LAPI, DAPI, WAPI, UAPI, and any other OpenText coding acronym you'd care to throw at them.

Within Global Cents we engage only the most highly experienced and qualified development staff and senior software architects. Using our in-house engagement framework each project typically involves:

  • A thorough review and expert analysis of your challenges and underlying architecture
  • Detailed requirements gathering
  • Highest quality extensible, re-usable, fully tested code
  • Timely response, realistic expectations
  • Team of qualified and efficient experts
  • A "high-touch" philosophy designed to keep communications flowing

Realizing the full potential of your Content Suite investment

The Global Cents team is dedicated to providing services that cover the entire life-cycle of your Content Suite implementation. From requirements analysis all the way through to production deployments. Our Content Suite consulting services are focused around the following areas:

  • Deployment and upgrade of Content Suite instances within controlled environments
  • Development, support, and customization of existing Content Suite modules
  • New Content Suite modules designed to fulfill specific customer requirements
  • Development of new regulated industry solutions for Content Suite

Get help from the Content Suite experts

With more first-hand experience of using Content Suite within controlled environments than any other dedicated Content Suite provider, Global Cents is the ideal development partner for your next project. Reach out to us today to talk further.

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