Controlled Change Management

Global Cents Controlled Change Management reduces the costs, time, and errors of promoting/migrating Content Suite Assets (metadata, object, audit logs, etc.) by simplifying the process of moving Content Suite information and module settings from one environment to another or one version to another, consolidations/mergers, divestitures, and Agile Development.

Content migration — the moving of contents from one or more information systems to another. A mundane, yet essential task, fraught with problems and largely manual in nature. Until now... Accurate, timely and verifiable migration of critical information between environments is essential for operational efficiency. This is specially true where Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are used and relied on to manage compliant content within regulated environments.

Typical migration scenarios

Content migration may be forced upon organizations or be part of regular business processes. Reasons for transporting content from one OpenText environment to another include business rationalization, organizational streamlining, and consolidation:

  • New systems — that must be populated with existing data and content before they can be put to use
  • System consolidations — that reduce structural costs through standardization and the decommissioning of disparate legacy systems
  • Mergers and acquisitions — that force rationalization of infrastructure, processes and supporting technologies
  • Upgrades — that are complex and difficult to assure due to customization and compatibility issues

Meeting the migration challenge

Handcrafting one-off migration scripts and using iterative, sample-based testing has been the tried and tested approach for migrating Content Suite information for many years. However, with the mounting obligations for quality, safety and organizational governance these as no longer adequate. At Global Cents we provide a comprehensive solution to the migration challenge. Through a combination of powerful products and expert services we help organizations around the globe solve their complex migration needs. In our toolbox we have our GCI PowerTools suite, including:

Together these products provide all the requisite capabilities needed to accelerate and verify difficult migrations between ECM environments. By providing a productized approach with clean administrative interfaces, the configuration of migration and testing rules can be achieved with ease, and the need for custom developed code or complex migration scripts is eliminated.


Get help from the migration experts

If you're in need of assistance migrating or transporting data from one OpenText environment to another then we're the people to speak with. With more real world experience of migrating content within regulated environments than anyone else, we will ensure that you lower the cost and reduce the risk involved in your enterprise content migrations. Complete the contact form.

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Introduction to GCI Controlled Change Management