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Apr 01, 2020 Global Cents

4 Reasons you should use PowerTools for Deployments to migrate your data

The larger an organization grows, the more information it accrues, and the more complex its systems become. This leads to the challenge that many OpenText users are facing – how to transport, or migrate, data from one system to another.

Whether during application development, content sharing, or broader system migrations/upgrades, transferring information between environments can be a complex issue. Documents and other content needs to retain their meta-data, audit trails, and permissions, and content must be imported or exported in the correct order.

Luckily, GCI PowerTools for Deployments (PTD) handles migration quickly and easily. In this post, we look at why you should use PTD when migrating your Content Suite or Extended ECM data.

What are the uses of PTD?

PTD is a migration and content transportation tool that allows you to move module settings and content from one Content Suite or Extended ECM environment to another. Whether between development, testing, and production environments, or between stand-alone systems, it transfers module settings, documents, metadata, taxonomies, and all other objects quickly and effortlessly. It maintains object relationships, ownership, and all original audit data, and conducts this task in a safe, automated, and error-free manner.

In short, it can enable you to:

  • selectively extract content and meta-data
  • import data into any newer instance of Content Suite or Extended ECM
  • transfer nearly all Content Suite object types

Now that we have a basic understanding of what PowerTools for Deployments is let’s take a look at why it’s the best solution for migrating your data.

GCI PowerTools for Deployments is the most comprehensive migration tool

PowerTools for Deployments migrates more types of Content Suite objects than any other utility on the market. It handles custom object types and migrates information faster than any other equivalent migration solution. With PowerTools for Deployments, no matter what kind of data, or how much you have, PowerTools for Deployments transfers your data in the most optimal way.

It keeps your data intact, including your workflows

With many migration solutions, workflows are the first casualties. They often have to be rebuilt from scratch during a data migration project.

With GCI PowerTools for Deployments, transferring workflows maps safely while maintaining attachments, task performers, categories, form links, and data stored in related database tables. You can also copy physical objects while retaining all their custom attribute information as well as records management and classification information.

Organizations that use PowerTools for Deployments don’t suffer from the typical manual overheads and loss of productivity that comes with conventional approaches to data migration.

It enables agile deployment easily and quickly

Through a simple web interface, developers can quickly deploy agile developments. GCI PowerTools for Deployments can accurately and rapidly copy any Content Suite applications, including OpenText WebReports (aka Content Intelligence), Forms, and Workflows from their development environments directly to testing and production platforms.

Completing the majority of data transfer can be done in a matter of minutes and by nearly any competent OpenText knowledge worker.

It’s not a service; it’s a product

When it comes to migrations, many companies have no choice but to deal with a systems integrator or consulting company. With GCI PowerTools for Deployments, you don’t have to deal with either. PowerTools for Deployments is an out-of-the-box product that helps keep control of your budget and reduces the effort involved in your migrations. This means that you’ll be able to be more productive, retain more control, and save more money in the long term.

Gain the power advantage

With GCI PowerTools for Deployments, data migration becomes a fast, easy, and effective task that can be executed by anyone in your company with moderate OpenText Content Suite experience. As the most comprehensive migration product on the market, it is the best choice for your migration needs.

If you would like to find out more about PowerTools for Deployments or would like to test out the vast capabilities yourself, contact Global Cents, or visit our website to arrange a demonstration.

Published by Global Cents April 1, 2020