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Sep 18, 2019 Global Cents

Automating Manufacturing Record Books in SAP

Automating Manufacturing Record Books can save your company millions of dollars annually.  Despite the move to digital, most companies within the oil and gas industry must keep a paper-trail of hundreds, if not thousands, of documents for compliance and contractual purposes. One such document is the Manufacturing Record Book (MRB).

What is an MRB?

An MRB is a collection of documentation that encompass every detail of a product or business asset, and all its sub-components. The final MRB contains information about every part number, serial number, and batch number of the components and sub-components that were used in manufacturing and assembling a particular product.

Creating MRBs can cost a manufacturer millions of dollars every year. The manpower required to find, collect and organize the source documentation is immense for a large organization.

What is the Solution to Automating Manufacturing Record Books?

Global Cents provides a digital alternative for collecting documentation and compiling MRBs – leveraging both SAP and OpenText Extended ECM for SAP – which makes it possible to automate the production of MRBs. Using our products, GCI’s implementation partner Alitek Solutions and GCI has helped companies streamline MRB delivery and build the necessary foundation needed to support and improve on this process.

No matter the MRB you’re creating, Global Cents can automate the process and streamline your production, freeing up your resources to focus on other tasks and ensuring your MRB is complete, accurate and accepted by your customers the first time. Using product detail transferred from SAP, like part numbers and serial numbers, Global Cents automates the initial MRB assembly, standardizes the MRB review and approval process, and publishes the approved MRB for delivery to the customer:  a fully automated manufacturing record book production process.

For an in depth guide on how to automatically produce an MRB, step-by-step, view our white paper, available here. See how in just 5 steps you can automatically create an MRB that works for you.

The Global Cents Advantage

Creating Manufacturing Records Books can be a lengthy and costly process if you lack the right tools. The collection of documentation for every material, process, policy and certification for an MRB can mean weeks, if not months, of work for organizations. By using the Global Cents’ MRB solution to automate the MRB production process, companies that deliver MRBs can gain an edge in creating and publishing their MRBs.

Leveraging SAP and OpenText, Global Cents is able to find, compile and structure documentation quickly, easily and accurately – no matter what your customer requires or how often they update those requirements or you update your product documentation. With the added expertise of its implementation partner Alitek Solutions, Global Cents has developed a proven solution that’s configurable and sustainable for your business.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can leverage your investments in SAP and OpenText, contact us. Global Cents has the solutions you need to optimize your complex documentation processes.

To learn more about how automating manufacturing record books can save you time and money, see our dedicated MRB whitepaper. We also held a webinar and demonstrated how automating MRBs can be done in OpenText Content Suite by using the Global Cents solution. Find that here

Published by Global Cents September 18, 2019