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Apr 26, 2016 Global Cents

GCI Products Alert: Latest & Upcoming Updates

For the past quarter, Global Cents team has spent significant effort updating and enhancing our product portfolio paving the road for the forthcoming Content Suite 16 release later this spring. During this period, the following GCI products were updated to be compatible with the latest patch release for Content Suite 10.0.0 and 10.5 SP1:

In addition to supporting the latest patches, GCI PowerTools for Deployments can now import and export Transmittals.  GCI PowerTools for Content Export now supports replacements for characters and strings to handle longer path names for exports. 

Are you ready for OpenText Content Suite 16? We are!

OpenText is rolling out Content Suite 16 later this spring and hosted an online seminar to demonstrate its new features.  At Global Cents we are committed to providing support for the latest Content Suite versions and we will begin the formal certification of the whole GCI PowerTools suite shortly after the official release of Content Suite 16.

Published by Global Cents April 26, 2016