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Jan 19, 2016 Global Cents

Global Cents 2015: A Year in Review

Global Cents 2015: A Year in review, and what to expect in 2016

Throughout 2015 Global Cents team remained committed to staying up to date with the latest releases from OpenText and continue to to extend and enhance our product portfolio by adding additional features and functionality requested by you, our customers, as well as some features that we think you will find valuable.

Looking back at 2015, we decided to assess our accomplishments and remain committed to deliver the same level of quality solutions in the upcoming year.

Support for Content Suite 10.0.0 SP2 and 10.5 SP1

In 2015 we ensured that all GCI PowerTools products were adapted to support Content Suite 10.0.0 SP2 and 10.5 SP1

GCI PowerTools for Workflow (PTW)

PowerTools for Workflow has over 200 features to extend and enhances Content Suite workflow.  PTW can be configured to mirror your existing business process without writing code.

GCI PowerTools for Deployments (PTD)

PTD is the most comprehensive product for moving Content Suite content, metadata, and objects from Dev -> QA -> Prod.  PTD also supports moving information from Content Suite to newer versions like 9.7.1 to Content Suite 10 or Content Suite 10.5 SP1 or from Content Suite 10.0.0 to 10.5 SP1

GCI PowerTools for Documents (PTfD)

PTfD offers document conversion and merging, document publishing, and digital signature.

GCI PowerTools Viewer (PTV)

PTV provides document viewing of over 200 different document types without need for the native applications.  PTV offers mark-up, redaction, and acknowledgement.  All of this can be done with a simple browser plug-in.

GCI PowerTools for OpenText Electronic Signatures (PTES)

PTES extends and enhances OpenText eSign.  PTES allows for multiple documents to be approved and electronically signed within a single workflow. PTES also offers flexibility with the signature blocks and the location of the signature.

GCI PowerTools for Reports and Views (PTRV)

PTRV offers the ability to join multiple report sources like LiveReports, WebReports, Transmittals, and SQL to external databases. The information is transformed using XML and XSLT to create powerful reports.  PTRV can also be used to create alternative user interfaces to improve the usability and adoption of Content Suite.  PTRV has a new feature, External Data Extensions that now offers the ability to search for and select data that resides in other data repositories like Oracle.  This feature eliminates the need for data replication.

GCI PowerTools for Archive (PTXA)

PTXA has the ability to remove data from the transaction tables within Content Suite and safely store it into an archive volume.  This has the potential to increase end-user performance; increase usability, and adoption of Content Suite.

As the new year begins we’ve already got a full plate of things to deliver to you in 2016. Here is a sneak peak to what’s coming your way in 2016:

  • We have started our analysis of Content Suite Suite 16, and we will provide full support for all the GCI PowerTools as quickly as we can once Suite 16 has been released.
  • At Enterprise World 2015 we announced our newest product, GCI PowerTools for Infinote (PTI).  PTI will deliver the power of Infinote to easily manage the 85% of unstructured data residing in Content Suite.  With PTI and Infinote, you can generate dynamic Document Change Impact Assessments, Document review and merge capabilities allowing for parallel review of MS Word Documents; and Change Management capabilities that allow mass document update and approval within Content Suite. 
  • Expect new versions of GCI PowerTools for Content Export – our tool for content export enables you to export your content including the taxonomy and metadata to a file system or external drive. 
  • Additional new versions of GCI PowerTools for Workflows, Reviews & Reports, Documents, and Viewer 
  • We will be launching a Document Quality Management System during Enterprise World 2016. 

Thank you again for your continued support and we look forward to making 2016 your most successful year yet!

Published by Global Cents January 19, 2016