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Jan 09, 2015 Global Cents

Global Cents announces the inclusion of GCI PowerTools in the OpenText price book

Chicago, IL – January 12, 2015 – Global Cents (GCI Live LLC) today announced that two of its products, GCI PowerTools for OpenText Electronic Signatures and GCI PowerTools for Archiving Workflows and Audit Data, will be included in the OpenText price book and available worldwide for purchase directly from OpenText sales representatives.

"We’re thrilled to have these products included in the OpenText price book" said Tom Lilly, President & COO of Global Cents. "This reflects the ongoing strength of our relationship, and it’s through such cooperation that organizations using the OpenText Content Suite will now have easy access via OpenText sales reps to the benefits of these products."

Through the use of these GCI PowerTools, organizations using Content Suite for electronic signatures will now have the ability to easily assemble and sign multiple documents. Companies with large amounts of completed Content Suite workflows, as well as those with years’ worth of accumulated metadata, will now be able to archive that content and put it under RM control.

GCI PowerTools for OpenText Electronic Signatures and GCI PowerTools for Archiving will be available for purchase through OpenText beginning January 2015. For more information contact:

Tom Lilly, President & COO – Sales
Simon Harvey, Managing Director, Demodia – Press & Media


About Global Cents

Global Cents (GCI Live, LLC) is a leading provider of value-added Information Lifecycle Management products and services for Enterprise Content Management platforms. Global Cents’ PowerTools product suite enable organizations in industries such as Life Sciences, Energy and Finance to automate document processing, deliver regulated document workflows & reports, and migrate and archive content in a robust and scalable manner. Founded in 2005, Global Cents’ team of developers, consultants, and subject matter experts, all of whom played leading roles in the development of the OpenText Content Suite, imparts an unparalleled collective knowledge of developing world-class solutions for ECM platforms.

Published by Global Cents January 9, 2015