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Jul 12, 2018 Global Cents

Simple OpenText Content Server Data Migration & Consolidation

The accurate, timely and verifiable migration of critical information between environments is essential for the operational excellence of any organisation. One of the most crucial components for efficient information governance is the ability to migrate content between different information systems. This can be а largely mundane, yet essential task, that is fraught with challenges and risks - especially for companies that rely on their ECM systems for compliant management of their information within a regulated environment. Content migrations or consolidations may be a one-time process forced by certain immediate circumstances (e.g. mergers & acquisitions) or they may be part of a recurring business process. Reasons for transporting content from one Content Suite environment to another may include everything from business rationalization, organizational streamlining, and the need for consolidation. Here are some of the most common reasons for migrations & consolidations:
  • New systems — setting up a new system that must be populated with existing data and content before it is rolled-out to users;
  • System consolidations — an efficient approach to reducing structural costs is through system consolidation / rationalization and subsequent decommissioning of disparate legacy systems;
  • Mergers and acquisitions — when companies are acquired and merged, there is a need to standardise the infrastructure, processes and supporting technologies throughout the entire enterprise;
While crafting and executing a one-off migration effort may get the job done for the time being, this process has been tested and proven as unsustainable especially in the light of rising obligation for quality, safety and organizational governance. This is why our team has crafted a comprehensive, end-to-end migration solution designed to help companies turn these manual, mundane and error-prone processes into quick, efficient and automated procedures.

Introducing Power Tools for Deployments, a Tool for Migrations & Consolidations

In order to ensure structural excellence and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, companies often rely on complex Content Suite workflows that may include numerous item types such as LiveReports, XML reports, documents, workflow maps, forms, external data etc. Prior to deploying such a complex structure into the fully-operational production environment of their Content Suite instance, those workflows and their changes are created and tested in a separate, development environment. After a successful testing, those objects need to be migrated to the production instance, which typically entails countless hours of manual work. At Global Cents we provide a comprehensive solution to this migration challenge. Our powerful product - GCI PowerTools for Deployments - has been the solution of choice for enterprises around the globe looking to effectively overcome those migration and consolidation challenges. By providing a streamlined approach with a clean and intuitive interface, the configuration of migration and testing rules can be achieved with ease, and the need for custom developed code or complex migration scripts is eliminated. PowerTools for Deployments enables users to manage change across environments and confidently transfer content between Content Suite instances without fearing for the health of the production environment. Additionally, PowerTools for Deployments is ideal for merging and dividing Content Suite instances. And because it supports audit and creation information, PowerTools for Deployments is strategically aligned with Global Cents’ content validation partner Valiance TRUCompare to provide complete, end-to-end migration and validation solutions for even the most demanding of regulatory environments.
Published by Global Cents July 12, 2018