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May 25, 2023 Global Cents

Streamline Document Lifecycles with Global Cents

Managing critical documents is crucial for organizations across various industries. However, relying on manual approaches to control the document lifecycle can be a daunting task. It demands significant effort, increases the risk of human error, and often leads to non-compliance issues. Additionally, manual processes extend cycle times, resulting in lost productivity and costly delays. To address these challenges, Global Cents offers a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly with OpenText Content Server/xECM. By adopting Global Cents' Controlled Document Lifecycle (CDL), organizations can revolutionize their document management processes, streamline creation and revision, automate review and approval, and ensure compliance while optimizing productivity.

Benefits of Global Cents CDL

  1. Reusing Approved Content and Images:

    Organizations often have standardized legal or compliance content that needs to be reused across multiple documents. Global Cents CDL enables the effortless reuse of approved content or images, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the document lifecycle.

  2. Utilizing MS Word as the Document Editor: 

    Organizations can continue using the familiar MS Word as their document editor with Global Cents CDL. This eliminates the need for extensive training or learning new tools, enabling employees to be more productive.

  3. Streamlining Document Creation and Revision: 

    The CDL solution simplifies creating and revising critical documents such as policies, procedures, and manuals. Organizations can streamline these processes by leveraging standardized templates and dynamic content generation, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

  4. Automating Review and Approval: 

    Manual review and approval processes can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Global Cents CDL automates this critical aspect, ensuring a streamlined workflow, faster turnaround times, and improved accuracy. In addition, by routing documents to the right stakeholders, the solution facilitates collaboration and expedites the approval process.

  5. Generating Tailored Documents and Contracts: 

    The CDL solution enables the generation of contracts, RFPs, tailored quotes, invoices, and submissions dynamically. Organizations can quickly generate these documents using standard language and templates, reducing manual effort and ensuring compliance with established guidelines.

See the Solution in Action:

To truly grasp the benefits and impact of Global Cents CDL, watch the following video: The video demonstrates the automated approach to document creation, revision, and approval, showcasing how this solution can elevate your business processes.
Join the CDL Webinar or Schedule a Call:

To learn more about Global Cents CDL and its potential for your organization, schedule a call with the Global Cents team or register for the CDL webinar on June 15th. Email Global Cents at and their representatives will provide you with the necessary details


In today's fast-paced business environment, manual approaches to document management are no longer sustainable. By integrating Global Cents CDL with OpenText Content Server/xECM, organizations can leverage automation to streamline critical document processes, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance. The ability to reuse approved content, utilize MS Word as the document editor, automate review and approval, and generate tailored documents empowers organizations to save time, reduce errors, and enhance productivity. Embrace the future of document lifecycle management with Global Cents CDL and experience the transformation it brings to your business.

Published by Global Cents May 25, 2023