OpenText 2022 Partner of the Year - OpenText Cloud Certified

Brava replacement - GCI PowerTools Viewer 

Our Enterprise-grade viewer doesn't require a server-side component, meaning you can drop the Brava Servers from your OpenText environments, saving you thousands of dollars.  

Blazon replacement - GCI PowerTools for Document Conversion 

Our document conversion service can run on existing servers, further reducing the costs and complexity.  

GCI PowerTools:

  • View or Convert hundreds of different documents and file types into PDF 
  • Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL are fully supported.   
  • Full maintenance and support, now and in the future 
  • Unlimited users, unlimited documents, unlimited potential 


By submitting your email, you will:

  • Reserve your license waiver for your organization. 
  • Receive a personalized demonstration showing how to deliver effortless viewing and high-quality converted documents. 
  • Get a future-proof document viewing and rendering solution without your end users ever knowing that anything has changed. 

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