Document Automation

Electronic documents are the lifeblood of modern business, and the effective management of them is essential to how your organization runs, performs and delivers. Within regulated organizations, these management processes are structured, well-defined and must be adhered to in all instances. Deviations from the processes not only cause errors, but can result in large fines or costly delays.


Document Automation in OpenText Content Suite & Extended ECM Platforms

Global Cents Document Automation reduces the time and effort required to produce complex documents; automating document compilation, transformation, and publication processes; adding styling, formatting, structure, signing, and converting (e.g., PDF, Word, HTML, and more).

Global Cents' document automation solutions enable you to:

  • Create documents in minutes instead of weeks.
  • Reduce human error through automation.
  • Dynamically insert paragraphs, metadata and workflow data into documents.
  • Graphically or digitally sign documents.
  • Convert over 300 different file types into PDF and other formats (such as DOCX and XML).
  • Collate and publish disparate files into a structured document on demand, the same day.

Redesign, optimize, and automate document-centric business processes with GCI Document Automation

You need the ability to create agreements, proposals, presentations, policies, standard operating procedures, or quality documentation quickly and effectively. Often these documents are combinations of fragments, phrases, graphics, and/or other documents.

Four steps to successful document creation

The Global Cents solution for document automation collects, compiles and publishes all the files you need within a few clicks directly within the Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms. By taking advantage of the powerful and robust feature set of the GCI PowerTools Suite, we enable you to automate your document creation in a secure, fast and efficient manner.

We accomplish this through four simple yet effective steps:

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Document Automation Solution


The complete solution from Global Cents

If your organization operates within a heavily regulated industry such as energy, life sciences, engineering or finance, the Global Cents PowerTools Suite is your answer for an efficient, easy to operate organization. The GCI PowerTools Suite provides the best solutions for highly controlled and regulated industries, with each tool designed to completely cover individual aspects of your business. Customize, configure and brand each tool to your specific needs and enable pain-free transitions from your legacy processes.

GCI PowerTools for Workflows

simplify and automate your document-centric and collaborative business processes

GCI PowerTools for Rports and Views

create reporting dashboards and gain instant visibility into the status and history of documents and processes

automates document production and publication, including assembly, tables of contents, watermarking, and more

transport content and applications from one Content Suite environment to another, easily and quickly

GCI PowerTools Viewer

a fast and easy-to-use document viewer that allows you to view, mark-up and redact over 200 different kinds of file-types

GCI PowerTools for Electronic Signatures

effortlessly approve and electronically sign multiple documents through structured workflow processes