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Feb 15, 2024 Global Cents

Choose your Brava / Blazon replacements wisely and you can improve quality, reduce costs, and remove complexity

As we posted last month, OpenText is moving Blazon to Sustained Maintenance in a few months, and Brava isn't far behind. They want you to move to a new product. You have choices. Choosing wisely can improve your service quality, reduce expenses, and become more efficient. 

This is a How-To guide to do all three. Sounds too good to be true? Let me explain… 

First, you will need to replace Blazon, OpenText's current document conversion for Content Server/xECM, with GCI PowerTools for Document Conversion. Our customers utilize our software in Mission-Critical applications used by thousands of users. GCI PowerTools works with past, present, and future versions of Content Server/xECM. It's highly reliable and extremely scalable. Our customers have seen fewer issues converting documents, resulting in higher quality. 

Next, you will need to replace Brava with GCI PowerTools Viewer. Our feature-rich viewer has no server-side requirements, so you can eliminate the Brava servers from your environment, reducing costs and complexity. Imagine the number of servers you can remove from your Dev, Test, and Production environments. The cost savings alone could justify this change.   

Like our document converter, our viewer supports hundreds of file types, and we continue to add to the supported file types list every month.  

Here are some additional benefits of GCI PowerTools: 

  • No equivalent Brava servers are needed 
  • View or convert hundreds of different file types into PDF 
  • Integrated and compatible with Livelink 9.5 to Content Server/xECM 24.x and beyond 
  • Supports MS SQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL 
  • Full maintenance and support 
  • Unlimited users, unlimited documents, unlimited potential 

We are not done yet; for a limited time, we are waiving the license fees for these solutions! There are no long-term contracts to sign and no hidden fees. Simply sign up for annual maintenance that you can cancel at any time, and you will never pay any license fees for either of these products. 

Our goal is to make the switch from Blazon and Brava a win, win, win. You win with high-quality and reliable equivalent solutions. You win with lower Total Cost of Ownership by removing the need for Brava servers, and you win with less complexity by having fewer servers in your environments. And the additional win: for a limited time, we are waiving the license fees for these solutions. 

For more information, visit our website: 

Published by Global Cents February 15, 2024