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Jan 30, 2024 Global Cents

Blazon for Content Server goes on Sustained Maintenance in June 2024

OpenText is officially moving away from Blazon for Content Server /Extended ECM (xECM) platforms.  This is the information we have gathered from OpenText: 

  • OpenText currently states that Blazon for Content Server is only compatible through to Content Server version 23.x  
  • Content Server 24.1 does not show support of any version of Blazon and OpenText wants customers to use their Intelligent Viewing solution* for document conversion 
  • Intelligent Viewing 24.1 only supports ver 24.1 of Content Server and PostgreSQL; support for MSSQL is scheduled for 24.2 version; Oracle support is not currently scheduled. 
  • Intelligent Viewing is available for on-premises and OT Cloud environments 

As an OpenText customer, this means two things for you: 
  • If you already use Blazon and want to upgrade your Content Server to the latest version, you will need to migrate to their new Intelligent Viewing solution* 
  • If you want to add a document conversion system to an existing Content Server, you will likely have to upgrade first to use their new Intelligent Viewing solution* 
* Only supports PostgreSQL, support for MSSQL is expected with ver. 24.2.  No word on when Oracle will be supported. 

For many customers, I know that neither of these options is viable. Some of you are not able to upgrade Content Server, but still need a fully supported, on-premises solution. While others need document conversion capabilities but don’t have the time or budget to upgrade Content Server or wait until their database is supported. 

We have the perfect alternative for both sets of customers and for a limited time, we are waiving our license fees. 

If you’re reading this and are already feeling the pain, Global Cents can ease the pain with our fully, supported equivalent solution.  We would be happy to walk you through your options.  To set up a call, you can email us at
Published by Global Cents January 30, 2024